Senior Production Part ? - Showtime

The last step in our production cycle would be showcasing our game at the Game Studio Senior Show, and then leaving it, free to play, in our gallery space for the following week. By making it essentially a public release, we’re faced with one more big issue. We can’t let people break it, no matter what. The gallery is open for 6 hours a day. If the first player breaks it, that’s possibly 6 hours that people see a broken game. The stations would be a monitor, speakers, and a controller. No messing around with mouse and keyboard,. Guests see what we want them to see.

It was finally time to make use of the demo mode feature I implemented months ago. And the kiosk mode I implemented weeks ago. There’s one button on the home screen: Login. Register and Quit are grayed out and inaccessible. On the login screen, there’s an account assigned to you, and you can’t change it. We could have skipped over that whole process, but still wanted to demonstrate that we have an online account system. Then there’s the choice between single player and co-op. Both work, but we made the requirements (30 second timer) for co-op more obvious.

Once you’re in the game, there’s a few different ways to exit. “Return to Hub” takes you out of a level/mission, back into the hub. If you’re in co-op. it takes your partner with you. If you hit “Quit”, you go back to the login screen. Once again, taking your partner with you. Lastly, not interacting with the game for 5 minutes does the same. Still, with your partner. Nothing’s breaking, everything’s controlled.

Along polishing up the game, we set up our space in the gallery, and if I may, I think it’s by far the coolest. We have ~40 decals of a selection of the 300+ guns in the game. We have a light-up rocket, which holds custom business card holders, for everyone’s cards. It clean, but flashy at the same time. Admittedly, this wasn’t really my realm, as I don’t have the most deft hands.

With all that set up, we’re ready present, demo, and move onward and upward with our careers as developers.