Senior Production Part 4 - New Name, Same Game

First things first, as the title implies, we’re undergoing a name change. After a long term debate, it was decided that we should differentiate ourselves from Drinkbox’s Tales From Space: About a Blob and Mutant Blobs Attack (the latter being a personal favorite of mine). While I personally fought my heart out for Gun Gun Galaxy, the new name ultimately came to be Adventure Into the Gun Galaxy. I think mine’s way catchier, but that’s life. I’ve never been the creative type.


Last week was a bit of rough one for the entire team. Life got the better of people, and tasks didn’t get done in a timely manner, some not at all. My work still came together okay, but it was all a bit messy. The first thing I took care off was implementing the phase system for contracts. Each contract is now part of a certain phase, and won’t show up to the player unless they’ve completed enough from the previous phase. This is now stored in the same manner that gun-part and customization unlocks are stored. Speaking of which, those are now stored on the network, as I learned this week, in a JSON file. Lastly, I implemented a loot drop system. Enemies now have data stored in their prefabs for what they drop. Loot drops happen locally, giving each player their own, picked up on contact.

The most important thing I’ll be doing this week is helping our UI designer implement the interface he’s been planning out for the past few weeks. I know he’s very comfortable in engine, but our back end systems are also a bit confusing to jump into. Besides that, I’ve picked out a few bugs to start fixing. Currently, I’m re-implementing camera shake, which was taken out a while ago, and fixing how burst fire works on guns. There’s plenty more on the list of known bugs, and new ones show up all the time (we already fixed an un-clickable UI issue).

Besides that, I’ve been running more and more support for the non-programmer members of the team. With such a large team, people run into all sorts of problems, especially in regards to the tech and version control, so I’ve been trying to be on call whenever possible, to get them quick answers.